• Youth For Humanity


  • 1. How can I become a volunteer?

    03/11/2017 03:11 am

    Be a member first then keep communication, attend the sessions regularly, participate every events, donate and always be ready to respond. This way you can become a VOLANTEER.

  • 2. How can I join?

    03/11/2017 03:11 am

    Simply fill-up the joining form. Also you can communicate through, email, mobile, Facebook and can be a proud volunteer of YBF.

  • 3. Where I can find YBF?

    03/11/2017 03:11 am

    Through email, phone number, website, Social media and the campus committee.

  • 4. What type of activity they usually do?

    03/11/2017 03:11 am

    YBF is promised to contribute to the society. They usually works for the unprivileged children, illiterate adults also they collect donations and distribute among those who in need. YBF always responds to the natural calamities and national issues. Winter clothing, food distribution, humanitarian helps for the emergency situation like flood, cyclone and other humanitarian issues. Also YBF arranges rally, seminar, human chain and many events on national and international issues.

  • 5. What is YBF?

    03/11/2017 03:11 am

    YBF is social organization which established on 2009 by some optimistic student of private universities. Now, it is working on various social activities in DHAKA with a good prestige.

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